My Haikus!

1. For my teacher

    – This haiku/s was one of our English project. Here in this photo is our English teacher, Ma’am Margie! Hehe. Our haiku poem, a traditional form of Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, was made by ourselves. I posted these copy of my project in WordPress because Ma’am Marg told us so. 

    • Let me explain my Haiku! As for the first line is “The sun rises as”. Actually, it should be “The stars” because it was meant for the students taught by a teacher. And for the 2nd and 3rd line meant that teachers teaches and the students will accomplish their dreams including their success in life after taught by a teacher who patiently teaching hundreds of children they did not own for a couple of years they grew to become a good, responsible and an independent adult.

          2. For my significant others

          • My significant or special others are my friends. In this picture are Joy and Nicole. Sorry for my other friends because they were my closest to begin with. Yep closest😂 Sorry for these two friends of mine for I am, too, was busy in our school activities. I hope that someday we could reunite again somewhere place and have a lot of laughs, talks, and fun time together!

              3. For my Mom

              • And this is for my mom who teaches us lessons always. Yep, always! But I don’t have a position to complain with because I will also become a mom in my future days  and when that day comes..hmm. I will become more strict than my mom! Hahaha 😂. I love you mommy😁😙

              4. For my dad

              • Yup! Earning money can make things easy like buying what you want, to pay the expenditures,and having an easy and successful life. I pledge for my whole life that for my dad who hardworking for us, I shall do my best in my studies so I can pay back my parents for their sacrifices for us , siblings, so that we could also have a happy life. Hehe, I love you daddy!😁😘

              5. For myself

              •  This is my favorite poem I’d written for myself because this inspires me everyday and an encouraging genre for someone who struggles at the bottom to become better and better to prove to others that they CAN stand again from their failures .

              6. For my enemy

              • And lastly is for my foe. This poem was made only for my foe, I repeat😂. This refers that she/he must look their attitudes and reflection about theirselves before judging other people. Yep, nobody is perfectly made. Everyone has their own flaws and mistakes☺.

                So… what was/were the poetry I did that made you struck on your mind, soul, and heart?😂 I need your opinions or appreciations 🙏 (Sorry for the word closest😂looool )

                Thank you very much!