Children’s Worthy


               Children are our key for the fate of our future.


               Someday they will grow as a noble person after finishing their studies which we can’t tell whether they might be include. To be a wealthy person or may be fell in despair for being in debt.


              In our current present,they are the adult’s prey or the victim of the influences by the adults. Because on the eyes of a child, every actions they see on their surroundings, they take that as a good example that motivates them to do by the people who actually do those also. Some of the problems of them are being stubborn. But these are not meant because they want something, some of the children just want the attention of love and care.

              And for the other problems were their personality that influenced by adults also – robbering, labouring, young pregnancy or young parenting. We must always remember that they have their own feelings too, they hurt for every knives of words, comparing them to other people, ignoring their efforts, harsh punishments, and so on.


             The best way to treat children are to love them and fond them with kindness and care. But to be able to step and learn their path on their own, do not be too strict to them because they will despise you for not getting what they want, let them be free and give them a correct discipline before letting them go for not doing bad deeds and to behave still. However, children have some good points including the cute and interesting attitude they are making and how funny when they are talking to us for how effortless they are just to make us smile.

             We should always not forget that these beloved children are very important to us humankind and we, grown-ups, must take an action and be a good model to them for seeking a bright future.

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(The last image I’d shown was me and my cousins ^^) more importantly pardon my corrections and grammars. ><


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